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Our Aim Is To Provide Quality Secure Student
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First time away from home where to start?

Once you know that you are coming to Teesside the best way to start to search for accommodation is to call into our office at 84 Borough Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 2JH and discuss your requirements with a member of our friendly staff.

Our staff are always happy to help and with their wealth of experience they will be able to give you great advice relating to your accommodation. We can also view a range of properties specifically tailored to your requirements.

All of our properties are listed on our properties page where you can find specific photographs but further details can be given to you from our Middlesbrough office. The properties are sold on a first come first served basis, so the sooner you view the sooner you can secure your accommodation and this will be one less thing for you to worry about, particularly if this is your first time away from home.


Who will I live with?

We offer a range of accommodation to groups of students or individual students. We require you to complete an information form and we will try to match you with other housemates with similar interests.

If you would rather live alone we also offer some fantastic 1 bed roomed apartments a short distance from the University.


Will the Tenancy Dates be Flexible?

When you have made the decision to take a property with 1st Degree, you will be asked to sign a contract that forms the terms of your tenancy agreement.

The terms of the tenancy agreement will be fully explained to you in during your appointment and you can raise questions, you also be given the opportunity to take the tenancy agreement home and discuss with your guarantor prior to your tenancy appointment and signature.

The tenancy agreement will state the start and end date of the tenancy but this will differ from the University start and end dates. The dates are flexible and will suit your needs; if you need to extend the tenancy at the end, we will do our best to accommodate you.


What Does It Cost?

The first invoice you will receive will be for your bond, one months rent and guarantor fee. The bond is held in a Deposit Protection Scheme and will be refunded to you at the end of your tenancy, providing there are no damages or cleaning issues with the property.

We have a variety of rooms from as little as £45 per person per week upwards. We also offer an all inclusive package therefore no need to worry about bills for gas, electric or water rates. Please ask at the office for the individual details.

We also offer you a choice to pay your full years rent in advance, we will give you a huge discount.


What's Included?

Our properties are all fully furnished and below is a list of what you can expect to find.

  1. Burglar alarm and window locks in most properties
  2. Smoke detectors and Fire alarms in the larger HMO properties where required
  3. Gas Safe checked gas appliances (CO2 detectors where appropriate)
  4. Modern living
  5. Free Broadband internet (available on selected properties)
  6. Great service from all staff
  7. ¾ Beds
  8. Desk
  9. Wardrobe
  10. Chest of Drawers
  11. Bed side cabinet
  12. Chair
  13. Sofas
  14. Microwave
  15. Fridge/Freezer
  16. Washing machine or washer/dryer
  17. Double Glazing in most properties
  18. Electric Showers/Bath
  19. On Street Parking
  20. Vacuum Cleaners
  21. En-suite Bedrooms avialable on a selection of properties
  22. Gas Central Heating
  23. Garden Areas/Yard


What is included in the rent?

We can either offer, bills included or excluded whichever option you prefer. We can offer a broadband package or exclude this. A lot of students like bills to be included as this helps with budgeting.


How much will I pay?

Rental prices start from £45.00 per week, based on full occupancy in the property. Our bonds are currently £200.00 per person and the administration fee is £50.00 per person. The bond will be held by The Deposit Protection Scheme at


Can I book an individual room?

Yes! Our staff will ask you to complete an application form, which you will be asked for some details, such as the course you are doing, interests etc and we will match you up as best we can with suitable housemates.


How long is the contract?

The standard contract is for 50 weeks, however please ask at the time of signing. We may be able to reduce the length depending on the property. We do encourage students to look over a blank tenancy prior to signing it and we do have a blank tenancy agreement on our website which, parents and guarantors can view.


How is rent paid and on what dates?

4 weeks rent, bond and administration fee is due 30 days prior to the tenancy start date. The next 3 payments are payable termly to coincide with the students loan dates in October, January and April. We also offer monthly payments, terms and conditions can be found in the tenancy agreement. All students must have a UK based guarantor. International students or students without a guarantor will be required to pay at least 3 months in advance.


What happens if I have any maintenance issues?

We have a dedicated maintenance team on hand to quickly rectify any issues you may have during your stay. 


What is the check out procedure?

We will contact you prior to your tenancy end date to arrange a move out appointment. The appointment cannot be made until the last person in the group is ready to move out. You can arrange a pre-inspection move out appointment should you wish to discuss any potential issues that may result in deductions from your bond.

Once your inspection has taken place, the bond will then be approved for release with or without deductions. At the time of registration of your bond you will have be emailed a repayment number which is unique to you. This will be required for you to go to the website and request repayment of your bond.


What is the check in procedure?

Once you know the date you would like to move, we will make an appointment to meet you at the property. This appointment normally takes us around 15 – 20 minutes and we can explain things like, how to use the boiler and the appliances in the properties. We will also explain the details for the registration of the utility bills.


Why Choose 1st Degree?

1st Degree staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing accommodation for students and promise to offer the best service possible at all times. We can guarantee an excellent standard to our properties and will try to meet your needs wherever possible. We have our own team of maintenance staff and therefore we are not reliant on contractors to carry out repairs. All properties are subject to 3 monthly inspections and we have a rolling refurbishment budget.


When should I start looking?

We find the earlier the better. Generally we start to re-let the properties as early as October for the following academic year. As I said earlier, first come first served. Once you have secured your tenancy you do have the option to retain the property for the next academic year, should you wish? The best properties always go first so don't delay!

However don't be rushed into a decision. Ensure the property is right for you and suits your requirements in terms of location and your expectations. If you are undecided we can hold a property for you for a limited period time with a reservation fee payment. This is a serious commitment, therefore it is very important that you select the right property because once you have signed the tenancy agreement it is legally binding for a fixed term period. Should you change your mind there is an option to buy out of your tenancy or you can find another student to take over your place.



The tenancy agreement once signed is legally binding, therefore you must be sure this is the property for you prior to signing. Living in a group does not always suit everyone; if for some reason it does not suit you we will try to re-house you if at all possible.

Once you have made your decision the process is very simple. The group will be allocated a tenancy appointment to come into the office to have the tenancy explained by a member of staff and to sign.



1st Degree Student Accommodation Limited
84 Borough Road
01642 211444

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